A 12-minute documentary film on militancy

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By Pinaki Das
The horror and ghastly impact of militancy is well portrayed in the 12-minute film titled 'Bhalo Rakhoni Bhoy', directed by Raikishori Ganguli of Tripura.

Young filmmaker Ganguli, a victim of militancy, has brought out the agony wrought by the mayhem and violence very powerfully in the film.

"This is a topic which has universal appeal because it has relevance all over the world and also specifically in Tripura. Although the situation in Tripura is much better now, militancy has not been rooted out completely," said Raikishori Ganguli, Director, "Bhalo Rakhoni Bhoy"

The director feels that media has a responsibility in not playing up terror crimes that will affect the psyche of society in a negative way.

Biplab Goswami, the Editor of the film, said, "Through this film, we can understand the mindset prevailing in society and the philosophical churnings. The film is such a powerful medium and it leaves a lasting imprint on one's mental evolution."
The film effectively portrays how even people who are not present at the scene of violence are affected and are equally victims of militancy.
"If we talk about our state, even in the northeast, we have militancy of different hues. The film brilliantly evokes the terror that looms in various situations, be it in the northeast or other parts of the country, the blowing up of the World trade centre as well as the violence in Afghanistan," said Subhrajit Bhattacharjee, an audience.

Kinkar Narayan Dutta, another audience added, "Earlier, films have been made in the context of Tripura. I think this is the first time that has been made keeping in mind the global perspective on terrorism. So, I think it's the role of the media to make this film reach every citizen of the state because it can create awareness amongst people." anguli ends the film on a positive note with the hope that peace will triumph over militancy.

A celluloid depiction of the impact of militancy has been selected in the short film category at the Kolkata documentary film festival.

Tripura has to a great extent contained violence with the help of the common masses. The film also bases its hope on people and their resilience to deal with any type of violence. (ANI)
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