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Sometimes four does equal five

 article about new zealand company tests four day work week
2018-02-09 04:32:22
A company in New Zealand has announced the creation of a workplace that is fit for purpose for the 21st century. What is means is that it has granted its employees four-day work week while paying for five.

The company Perpetual Guardian announced this six-week trial for all of its 200+ employees.

A philanthropy services manager at the company, Kirsten Taylor, said that "When it was announced there was nervous laughter, that feeling of it being too good to be true. My initial reaction was quite emotional because I am a single mum and I have a young son. To know that I can keep my budget exactly the way it is, afford - somewhat - an Auckland mortgage and have an extra day with my son, in his younger years ... it is just unheard of."

The hope is that shorter work week will make people more effective and that people would concentrate on work more during office hours and wouldn't deal with family and life commitments during that time. Should the six-week trial results be positive, the new four equals five regime would be adopted full-time by the company from July 1,2018.

Previously, different countries have tried some sort of different, shorter working weeks. The last two years a care home in Sweden triad a six-hour work day. For them the results were mixed. While sick-leave dropped 10% and job satisfaction grew, the company's overall costs increased by 20%.

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