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The sports betting industry in Malta is booming

 article about The sports betting industry in Malta is booming
2017-02-10 03:15:03
Malta is sort of a European paradise for gambling companies, it has risen to be one of the world's premier iGaming hubs. The reasons for that are not difficult to find. Malta has made it attractive to gambling companies from different perspectives, be it legal, financial, or technological ones. In 2010 there were 262 igaming companies registered in Malta, 278 in 2011, 275 in 2012, in 2015 the number was 283. It would be a good guess that now, in 2016, we're pretty close to 300.

And when you live in, or visit Malta, you can definitely see it. Malta has two official languages, one of them is English, which makes moving your company, and your employees here, easier than to many other countries. Not to talk about the weather here. It's rather nice most of the year. When you move around Birkirkara, Sliema, Gzira, Msida, Ta'Xbiex, or some other areas with lots of iGaming offices, chances are that most of the people you meet during your evening in a bar will be working in iGaming. It would be a good bet to say that at least 50% of the people you see are working in those companies. Some betting companies in here might only have a few workers in Malta while some bigger ones have closer to 1000 employees. People from around the globe, from all nationalities and backgrounds. Chances are that during A Friday evening you might find people from Pokerstars, Bettson, as well as people writing reviews for sports betting, and people from dozens of other iGaming companies, all in one bar, at the same time.

That's something that makes Malta one of a kind, and at the same time even more attractive to people coming here for a vacation. You can always find people to speak with, people who speak English. And at any point when you're in a pub with 10 people in there, it's more common than you'd expect that there are at least 9 different nationalities.

The iGaming industry is also driving up the average salaries in Malta, as the iGaming jobs tend to be paying more than most of the other ones. In 2015 the iGaming companies contributed 8% to the economy's gross value added. The gaming industry has also left €55.2 million in tax for the gaming authority. The igaming business is booming and it's working well both for the companies and the Maltese authorities.

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The sports betting industry in Malta is booming

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The sports betting industry in Malta is booming

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