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PayPal Alternatives for Secure Online Payments

 article about PayPal Alternatives for Secure Online Payments
2016-05-18 03:24:14
Almost everyone would have heard of PayPal by now, as it has become one of the most popular online payment systems in the world. It is used by freelancers, business owners and those simply wanting to do a little bit of online shopping.
 article about PayPal Alternatives for Secure Online Payments

PayPal has an easy to use, mobile friendly interface, is pretty much completely secure and reliable for those wanting to send and receive money online. However, some factors of PayPal don't work quite as well and it can be fairly difficult to get cash out if you are in a hurry.

Firstly your PayPal account has to be linked to your bank account and verified while this is fairly simple in first world countries in countries like Thailand, it can become a huge hassle to get codes from the bank and it's a process that's bound to take a few days. Once the account has been verified, it can take up to 21 days to get your cash flowing again which is a long time if you are a new freelancer in need of cash.

There is also the issue of the delay between sending your payment from PayPal and when it reflects in your bank which in some countries can take anywhere from three to seven working days. There is also a small fee for those that have registered themselves online as a business. While the fee is not exactly monstrously big it's a small amount that after every transaction can add up to a fair bit, especially if you are a new business.

PayPal is still the most widely used online payment platform and besides all ordinary uses, PayPal casino no deposit is a great example for something little different.

So while we all love PayPal, if you are looking for safe and secure online payment systems that are great alternatives, then have a look at the list of payment systems below:


BitGold is an interesting and innovative alternative to using PayPal as an online payment system. BitGold allows you to create an account and purchase gold online. You can use your BitGold PrepaidCard to buy and sell gold and make transfers all over the world.

The great thing is that your assets are completely insured against loss or theft and you can feel secure knowing that you don't stand to lose any money. You can also physically own your assets with 10-gram gold cubes or 1 kg gold bars. Transactions are completely free but there is a 1% fee on bullions, redemption and some card processes.
 article about PayPal Alternatives for Secure Online Payments

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is certainly an up and coming online payment service that has been giving PayPal some great competition. All you have to do is have a Gmail account and connect it with your bank account no need to verify it like PayPal. Sending money is also extremely easy open an email, just hover your mouse over the attach button, click the $ sign and put in the amount that you wish to send.

The great thing about Google Wallet is that the person receiving the money doesn't have to have Google Wallet whereas with PayPal, both parties need to have an account in order to make it work. Another advantage over PayPal is that your money in Google Wallet is insured with FDIC, and you can therefore relax knowing your money is more secure.
 article about PayPal Alternatives for Secure Online Payments

These are just two of the great alternatives to PayPal, another one to consider is also Payoneer. Whatever platform you decide to use make sure you do your research and are aware of all the small costs and transaction fees that you may incur.

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