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2013-12-03 02:26:00
Aesthetically speaking, green is not just a color for a design but it's a theme for renewal and conservation. The theme green when applied to your home means using environment friendly appliances and resources in contribution to the conservation of the environment. If you want to turn your home green, here are some baby steps in introducing your home to environment friendly home lifestyle.

Be Keen on Garbage Disposal
You can begin by practicing proper waste disposal. This is not hard to do; just separate biodegradable to non-biodegradable and properly dispose them in the waste. What you can really do to contribute greatly to the environment is recycle your waste or use your biodegradable wastes as fertilizer compost pit. But of course, if you live in the city, having a fertilizer compost pit may not be practical, but recycle definitely is a recommended eco-friendly proactive action.

Revamp Your Appliances by Going Green
Gone are the days when eco-friendly appliances are so ugly to look at. Today, going green is the prevailing trend. You see stylishly designed appliances that are eco-friendly. To totally achieve that eco-friendly lifestyle, get rid of your old appliances because they consume so much energy which in return aggravates your electricity bill. Instead, invest on eco-friendly appliances, some of which should use natural gas. Most of the appliances today are powered by natural gas; other than its eco-friendly character, natural gas are cheaper to use and safer. There are service providers like the TheNaturalChoice that guides its customer in installing and using natural gas for their home or business establishments.

Keep Keen Watch on Your Energy Consumption
If you're not using that extra daylight or if you're not watching television; why not turn the lights off or pull out the TV plug and don't just turn it off via remote. Did you know that even if an appliance like the television or a printer is set on "sleep mode" it still consumes energy. To minimize energy consumption, why not totally pull the plug of the appliance when you're not using it.

Love and Save Aqua
If there is something we all cannot live without, other than air of course, it's water. One way of saving water is to lessen the household's water consumption. How? By using a glass of water when having a toothbrush instead of letting the faucet on. Another way to make sure that your conserving your household water is to check your pipes if they have no leak; chances are, if there are leaks this could lead to high water consumption and high water bill. Most household owners going down the green route recommends the use of an aerator which has proven to save water consumption by 50% margin.

Screen Your Household Supplies
Just because you can segregate your garbage doesn't mean that you've turned your household into an eco-friendly territory. It's also important that you screen the household items that you use. Avoid using aerosol based products because it greatly contributes to global warming. Notice how the occurrence of strong and deadly typhoons are occurring more often that it should is a sign that the total environment is making change for the worse. So do your part and start using organic based products; and only use non-eco-friendly home supply like mosquito or cockroach killer sprays when necessary.

Build Up Your Garden
If you live in a space that has a backyard, one eco friendly activity you can do is to cultivate a garden. What's good about having a garden is that you can plant herbs and some veggies which you can use for cooking.

These are just some of the things you can consider when your finally decide to go green.

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