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2016-05-02 09:35:06
During the recent years poker, especially online poker, has become more and more popular among people of all nationalities and ages. However, playing poker without a skill to start with can be dangerous. In order avoid the risk connected to that, there are two options, ideally you'd use both of them.

  • You learn to play poker before playing for your own money
  • You start playing and earning with someone elses money

    And there are good, reliable and respected companies out there that are ready to offer you free poker bankroll to get started. One of them is Poker Strategy. They offer you $50 no obligation totally free bankroll. Only thing you need to do in order to get it, is to complete a poker survey on their site. It's not some nonsense no sense survey, but it's a poker survey meant to make sure you understand poker. In order to find the answers to the questions in their survey, they even give you the links to the articles you can find the answer to the poker related questions to.

    The survey consists of 20 questions and you have 2 hours to complete it. I personally finished the survey with 20 minutes, but if you're a player already now, you can do it a lot faster.

    Once you have passed the poker test, you have to register an account in any of they poker rooms they support (note that you can't have an existing account there), give them your username and if everything's good, you'll receive he $50 poker bankroll in your poker account within 48 hours. I received it within 24 I think and it was during weekend.

    If you're into poker, are already playing or just starting to play, make sure you take advantage of this $50 free bankroll offer. It's tested and I'm happy to say everything is as it seems in case of these guys.

    And if you're looking for something else than just poker, you can find out more about online casino here.

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