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2009-09-04 05:05:30
Economics is like black magic for most of us and financial analysts seem to speak in foreign languages. Fortunately a known a rock star is putting light where dark gurus cast spells that blind even the average small investor.

Playboy's new gold mine
Few months ago my girlfriend gave me Slash's biography as a gift, and I devoured it from cover to cover in matter of days. Sometimes you find a book that hooks you up. It was awesome. I'm a long time Guns n' Roses fan, and after finishing the book I've started reading more and more about their lives. It might sound as some Mark Chapman thing but don't worry...

That's not really what I want to talk about, but it's great reading. In this sort of "investigation" about the lives on Guns former members, I've come to a conclusion that after all these years, it's all still totally unknown to most of us.

Rock stars almost SHOULD share their experiences of dating hot models and busty women with us.
Duff McKagan, legendary bassist and member of Guns and Velvet Revolver, has another side of expertise that has a lot to do with music, yet runs far apart from musicians. He writes a weekly column for Playboy. STOP! You are probably thinking - "of course he writes for Playboy... he's a rock star, women love him and guys want to be like him, rock stars almost always SHOULD share their experiences of dating hot models and busty women with the rest of us, but this time it's not the case. Mr McKagan writes about ECONOMICS, and very well I must say.

The GN'R days
I've never been a fan of Playboy's online edition because in the beginning of my internet porn experience naked chicks were hidden, and subscription was expensive. Now times have changed, people don't read paper material so much anymore, new things need to be added to internet portals to atract more readers. Hef's infinite experience has brought Duff's insight to his magazine, they took economics and general economic knowledge and offered it to the money impaired (meaning: you and me).

Stereotypical rock star is rich, we'd expect rich people to have some knowledge of the money related topics. Obviously that's almost never the case. But McKagan is different, his university degree speaks for itself (which is a rare thing among show biz people) and his fresh and easy-to-read style makes it a great piece of weekly reading. And of course (as he says) which other economics column has naked chicks above it?
Which other economics column has naked chicks above it.

In the time of economic crisis, someone should educate people on the streets on how to take care of their savings and protect their hard earned cash. You won't find nearly decent advice or news from Fox or CNN, and other columns are too technical to be read in your boxers with a beer next to you. So I strongly suggest that you take this one into consideration. Don't be fooled, this weekly piece called DUFFONOMICS is published in Playboy but it's great enough to be part of any known and respected financial newspaper.

Powerful Statements

Duff McKagan also writes a great music column for the Seattle Weekly, and besides being a nice writer, he keeps being a kick-ass musician.

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