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7 myths about students. Truth and fiction.

 article about 7 myths about students. Truth and fiction.
2017-12-13 04:45:30
They are often associated with alcohol or idleness, not with paper writing. Far, not everything is true about what they are talking about. They are a huge social stratum of humanity. They are students.

The army of students is much pretty. Indeed, before the elections they try to encourage promises, and their driving force, when they together - strong. Many TV shows and articles are devoted to student problems. Usually, the idea of student life is quite ... "mythological". Today we will try to decipher the most famous and most common of these myths.

Myth 1

All students are irresponsible.

Before I filled the student bench with my presence, I forgot to make bed and my culinary skills ended with a masterpiece of frying eggs or prefer any essay writing service for college. Now I am very good at cleaning up, I am able to distribute my time and perfectly prepare food, I lay dumplings, I read classical English literature. I know that nobody will do this for me. He learned to understand that time is one of the most valuable things given to us. He can not simply "kill". It is clear that with age, not only rights but also responsibilities grow. An independent life makes you become more responsible.

Myth 2

All students are poor.

Rich is not the one who has everything, but the one who is missing. The rich have the mind, able to use it and easily distribute money for expenses. The problem here is no longer in social status. Rather in character, optimistic or pessimistic attitude towards life, and so on. The main thing, as they say, "places to know": where to buy cheaper, where is more profitable, what can be saved, and - where to earn for any writing help.

Myth 3

Students drink all the time.

They drink everything. In large doses. Especially in the hostel. Everything is far from the way it seems. When you are in a hostel, you will not be greeted with a bottle of vodka, and every morning no beer will be brought into bed. Student holidays are an integral part of student life, but they are not every day, not even weekly. If you carry alcohol every morning and your face looks dull, then from the side of your fellow students (neighbours, etc.) you will see only contemptuous views, well, you will not hear a cry of excitement.

Myth 4

Students eat everything in a row.

Students are perhaps the most frequent guests of a variety of fast food or boat trips. Couples, afternoon training, lack of funds - are simply forced to buy a lunch at Big Burger. Lie. Not all of them use the services of fast food establishments. Girls often prefer dring over double hamburger, and boys - delicious cheap soup in the university dining room.

Myth 5

All students are merciless and unprincipled.

Political upheavals have created this myth. Each student is ready to disturb his throat for any candidate for money. Only from the rallies were hundreds, and not thousands went there, who preferred to study and do an essay writing.

Myth 6

All students give "bribes".

After all, all believed, not paid - not passed. If the subject was too boring to study then some students can do that. Ask any student-journalist whether it is possible to pass the session without a bribe and anyone who has at least some rivets in his head will answer that yes. Usually, to "buy" an estimate for writing paper can only those who do not have knowledge.

Myth 7

All students are completely dependent on their parents.

As a rule, parents decide to "hang on their neck" children or try to be independent. Sometimes, unknowingly, of course, wanting the best. Student scholarship is not so meagre, it allows you to at least have a rest with friends at your own expense.

So, every person is individuality. Believing in myths and generalizing, or thinking your own head over every occasion is your business. The main thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to rumble with one rake.

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