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They call it politics

 article about They call it politics
2008-03-30 05:26:18

You know I am so ashamed of the progress of the conscious of humanity. I was always taught that when you have to put others down to make yourself look good then you are lacking something very valuable and you have hidden low self-esteem. Why does this not apply to our presidential candidates? Why are people ignoring the fact that they are playing with our minds trying to get us to see negativity towards a potential president of the United States?

If you are the best person for presidency, why do you have to attack your opponent? Why can't you just work on presenting yourselves and what you have to offer to not only make this a better country but a better world? Are you telling us we can't think for ourselves that we need mental contamination to steer your way and move away from your opponent?

I know the world is watching the American mentality and its tactics to get whatever it wants at any costs. We are teaching our children that we have evil tendencies and stoop low to get what we want even to be the president of the United States. It is sad to see this is all the American people have to face daily. We watch two adults; one male and one female reveal the human natures of their gender. They say there is nothing like a woman's scorn. Obama, I strongly suggest you do not enter into the conscious of a woman who is angered and determined to get what she wants. History has showed women give and take life in ways a man will never be able to do.   Hillary, I suggest you be careful how you present yourself as a woman in a man's world. Keep in mind the first ego of power and control was found in the male gender meaning men know when women can be brought down. All you have to do is make her cry and remind her why she was created.

Is it true America has to borrow money from China to survive? If this is true, we do not have time playing games with this country's future. We need to work towards re-establishing our foundations and that begins with priorities. As adults, we are must see how our children are seeing us and our choices. What hope is America giving its children? With that in mind I can't help but wonder what will history describe our existence in the past ten years? If we, especially our leaders lack respect and integrity how are children going to find it valuable.

To be a politician does not justify not considering the damages that can be caused by our choosing to allow them to talk to the public any kind of way and to flash commercials across the screens of our televisions that our children view forcing them to question adult maturity and reasoning. In the end whoever the president that is chosen, we will always remember the negative findings used to attack them as their opponents seek to control our power of reasoning.

Look at America today? We are here because of leadership and our future will again be based on leadership. We should not have to be at any country's mercy. God provided this nation with everything it needed to survive. When does self-indulgence stop in this country? PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

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