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How to lose your wallet (and keep a smile on your face)

 article about losing a wallet
2016-12-01 02:02:07
There are always annoying moments in life. I can easily think of queuing for a simple coffee for over 20 minutes, waiting for a computer connection, and talking to particularly daft colleagues. However, perhaps the most annoying of all the annoying moments in life is losing your wallet or worse having it stolen. And I should know, its happened to me four times- in the last year!

I was taught that you should gain something from every experience, so I am hoping that this article will balance my negligence and teach me something in the process.

Step one: How to have your wallet stolen.

This is not as simple as it seems, for it can happen in numerous ways.; One easy way is through pure exhaustion, it is imperative that you do not arrive in a new city with no sleep and a full wallet ! Before you know what you are doing you have "given it away" to the next person who browses the produce at the foreign market without even realising. Along with grapes, he can get the bonus gift of your boyfriends photo and a few euros.

Another thing I have learned not to do is sit close to strangers on buses with my pockets filled with loose change, or fall asleep on a bus with an open shoulder bag. You might think that this is simply common sense.. Oh no- I see it happen all the time.

Once, I sat down to have dinner with good friends. I wanted to take some photos of our crazy antics, and in the time it took for me to take a camera from my bag, place the bag under my seat, and take a few shots, my wallet was gone.Of course, by that point I was a seasoned pro from the experiences I had had, and admittedly all it took were a few shots of tequila to put the night under a more favourable light.

So here's some advice, don't fling your jacket over your shoulder in New York and place your wallet down for a second as you balance your shopping load. A thief needs a millisecond, and for those with honest faces (curse my Catholic upbringing!), perhaps less.

But lets suppose you have been careful, but still you have found yourseld these precautions have been taken and it still has happened. You are in your city, or a different country, and you have no ID, no cash, no cards. Enough to bring tears to your eyes isn' t it? Well, first thing to remember, and trust me on this one: with the exception of some precious photos, EVERYTHING is replaceable. It's annoying and a pain, but your wallet will not return if you beat yourself up over it. So take a deep breadth and calm down. If you are far from home and need transport, call a friend (failing that the local police station). Explain the situation, and if they truly are good friends, you need not ask for the possibility of money transfers or a credit card number loan. So phase one: immediate future is secure. In five minutes you can have some cash in your pocket and a swagger in your step, with the knowledge that you are on your way to making a stressful situation better. Remember- stress only resides for long with those who are inactive. And that's not you!

Next, you must cancel your cards. For those seasoned wallet-losers (and I dont want to toot my own horn) like myself, I've learnt to keep the cancellation numbers in a different place than my wallet. But of course, for those of you that are more careful with your belongings, a lost wallet may come as a surprise.So call your bank. New cards (even with your old PIN) can be delivered to your door in 4-5 working days, on average. This is even possible, if you don't know your your account number (Guilty!).

Onwards and upwards- Make a list of the other cards you remember being in your wallet. Library and video card?- Easy to replace! National Insurance card? You have to go to your social security office and fill out an application, but be careful with losing this one, as you are only allowed one replacement. Replacing a drivers license is relatively painless, but does require some forms and a small fee.

Very few cards are irreplaceable, and within one day, you can have all of them on their way to you. In three weeks, you can find yourself with a plump wallet and some new reminders of how to stay clear of potential dangers.

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