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Obesity in America

 article about Obesity problem america
2006-03-01 06:04:05

remember when I was a child seeing kings on a throne whether real or
make believe, they were always pot-bellied and big. Fat during that
time represented richness in life. When the king was served the palace
meals, there was always an abundance of food for all attending. Greek
art statues revealed the waistline of a woman with fullness as it
represented reproduction. African cultures also found beauty in a full
sized woman. In America,
especially down on the plantation where African Americans were nannies,
large women with scarves tied around their heads represented comfort in
the homes of their masters and bosses. Both my grandmothers were large
sized women and walked tall and proud. There was an air of respect for
them from everyone. So, when did fat get a bad rap?

It happened when America
wanted control over the lives of the obese. A conscience was created to
look down upon them to the point where self-image was destroyed by
many. Once this occurred, dollar signs went up with quick fixes to the
problem. Billions of dollars were made but the fat stayed on in most
cases. Why? It is because the solutions weren't real. How did fat get
into the bodies of some but not others? Genetics play a big part and
where you are born and what you can and can not afford to eat.
Sometimes, it is simply your metabolism. Trust me, fat has an origin
and sometimes it is just downright destiny. A woman was shopping late
one night in a store. She was trying to find one size up for her young
daughter's prom dress. Unable to contain her words, she told her, "I
don't know how you ended up with a wide butt and hips. It never
happened to me. I always wore a girdle". She resented her daughter
having full hips and butt. I asked her, "Why did it have to have an
explanation? It is just who she is."

The rejection innocent people experience because of judgment is unjust. In America's
pursuit to acquire more money, they marked the overweight people as
disgusting and unfit to be human. Though there was great rejection, the
existence of obesity has become a majority instead of a minority due to
other issues in our country beginning with new chemicals in food and
the growing new breed of human beings. You can't stop obesity. Today,
you realize large people are human beings, too. Find another market to
make money. Oh yeah, you have because many have come to enhance the
lives of the obese instead of changing them. Now, that's a smart move.

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