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While I would be the first person to defend anyone's right to practice their chosen religion unhindered and where and when they please, and while I also acknowledge that some people with a religious background have and still are doing good deeds on behalf of their communities, I reserve my right to highlight and point out to the general community that in all cases religions are based on half-truths, fiction and indeed fraudulent conduct.

They have abused their communities, started wars in so doing killing millions, run fraudulent banks and in general conducting themselves in a manner they would not get away with had they been ordinary civilians.
Proceeding under the notion that there is no god and that the invention of gods only reflect the projection of power by a few over the masses, we are able to see the true purpose of religions.

We can see that phenomenon in the various Christian churches especially the Catholic church, is one of power through which religious leaders reflect their influence to the point of the current situation whereby priests have assumed influence to which they are not entitled or are qualified to project.

As I quoted the Catholic church as being a main offender in this attempted power grab, I might, for now, concentrate in its wrongdoings.

Here we have a group of men, dressed up in a frock, adorned with funny hats and other paraphernalia telling the educated, as well as often uneducated masses, how to live their lives when they can't even manage get their own house in order. They have abused their communities, started wars in so doing killing millions, run fraudulent banks and in general conducting themselves in a manner they would not get away with had they been ordinary civilians.

And all that in the name of their god.

Sadly for the Catholic church, I must advise that their god is not all that good and during these modern times, had there been a god, he would have been reported for selling faulty merchandise. His earth is full of holes, it leaks, floods, burns, explodes in various places while those alleging to represent him constantly look around the countryside searching for fresh supplies of choir-boys.

Then there are the lies and misrepresentations upon which Christian religious theory is based.

First of all there was the Virgin Mary.

Well, all Marys were once virgins.

Then there was the immaculate conception.

Well, all conceptions are immaculate and this one would have been no different.

And then there were Adam and Eve.

The real fact is that Adam met Eve, liked what he saw, Eve
Within countries on an individual basis, laws made by Governments apply, not religions and accordingly such religious and church laws can more than adequately be described as nonsense.
dropped her leaf in the excitement and things progressed from there. No big deal, just human nature.

And then there were the three wise men.

I am having trouble finding one, so I don't think there would have been three of them.

And then there was the mention that there was no room at the Inn when a man named Jesus was born. Well, some people will travel to places like Jerusalem during the tourist season. What does one expect? The place was full-up.

The creationist theory is another blatant lie.

The creation of earth and its inhabitants has now been proven to be an evolutionary process taking billions of years to accomplish and god did not create earth within a number of days, weeks or months. The creationist theory is thus dead and buried.

A person called Jesus, they say, was hung off a cross and resurrected. I don't think so. During Roman times, most criminals were hung off crosses and I suspect that someone took him down in the middle of the night and buried him. And indeed some people have been looking for his grave for a number of years.

And then there is the bible.

Given all its fictional inclusions, it should be sold in book shops in the fiction category because fiction is exactly what it is.

As such so-called laws were and are still being made by an unrepresentative, unelected religious minority who only had and still have their own power base in mind rather than any religious or humanitarian considerations, it can be said that there is no such thing as church or religious law. Within countries on an individual basis, laws made by Governments apply, not religions and accordingly such religious and church laws can more than adequately be described as nonsense. Citizens of the various countries may therefore ignore church laws and church edicts at their leisure.

There is also the matter of the various financial institutions that churches and religions own and control.

The Catholic church has the Vatican Bank. It has been proven to be corrupt and people have been abused, or worse, when they exposed the methods through which the Vatican Bank did and still does operates.

The Vatican and its bank owns billions upon billions of dollars worth of property and through its constituency, acquiring more each year but only a very small percentage of the monies collected flows through to people on the ground. In my view an international investigation into this bank is more than warranted.

I could go on forever about religions, but in concluding, I would describe religions as cults with some of those cults being more acceptable than others within the community.

In total, the whole notion of religions is based on lies, fraud, misrepresentation and abuses of power and history has more than adequately proven that none of the major religious are based on what are proven facts, plenty of fiction but no cold, hard evidence.

And on that note I will now say 20 ''Hail Mary's". "Ah That's better"

My name is Henk Luf.
And That's The Way It Is.

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