Research: Pure Maple Syrup for healthy liver

By Jay Gory,    2011-09-18 03:50:05    

Tokyo, Japan: New research conducted at the University of Tokyo reveals that consumption of pure maple syrup may help promote a healthy liver.
Tokyo, Japan: New research conducted at the University of Tokyo reveals that consumption of pure maple syrup may help promote a healthy liver.

Liver is the second largest organ in your body and performs multiple tasks for you. For example it filters out certain unhealthy substances from your blood. According to Dr. Melissa Palmer, by the end of the day, your health of your liver can show the state of your overall organism. In order to keep your liver healthy, you should excercise and have a good diet. And of course consume alcohol only in acceptable amounts. Also excessive stress can do harm do your liver.

Pure Maple Syrup is good for your liver

Additionally, according to the results of a recent research conducted by Dr. Keiko Abe from the Department of Applied Biological Chemistry at the University of Tokyo, there might be an unorthodox, just a bit surprising way of keeping your liver healthy - pure maple syrup. Pure maple syrup may have health benefits we were unaware of before. During the research, lab rats who's diet included pure maple syrup, had significantly decreased levels of three liver ensymes in the blood which are standard biomarkers for liver health.

Obviously, more research is required to know how Pure Maple Syrup actually influences your body, but this initial research shows good results.

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