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Eric Henry Leduc, Florida EMT, Praises Jacksonville Medical Investment

2017-05-08 05:00:15
An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Eric Leduc, has praised the considerable investment being directed towards the Jacksonville Medical industry. Mayo Clinic recently announced a $100m investment into major medical related construction projects in the Jacksonville area. Leduc claims that the added investment is needed to ensure that Jacksonville maintains a productive and modern healthcare system.

"From an EMT's perspective, additional infrastructure investment is always a positive thing," Leduc says, "When we pick up a patient we need to know there is enough room in the closest possible hospitals. As populations expand in metropolitan areas, city officials should be looking to encourage constant investment in medical related infrastructure - it's a vital part of making our community both safe and healthy."

Mayo Clinic initially announced the investment in 2016. They plan to spend the majority of the $100m further developing the Destination Medical Centre in Southeast Jacksonville. The new facilities will include services for complex cancers, as well as neurosurgical care. The additional investment will also result in Mayo Clinic hiring more than 250 new medical professionals for their operations.

"Most people working in healthcare do so because they want to make a positive impact on the lives of others," Leduc says, "And that's why as healthcare professionals we are greatly encouraged by such large investments in our field. Jacksonville has long been a major healthcare center, but it now has the potential to be one of the best in the entire nation."

Mayo Clinic is one of the largest healthcare companies in the United States. It was founded in 1889 by Dr. William Mayo. Although only a small practice in the late 20th century, Mayo Clinic has grown to hold over $14b in healthcare related assets. They currently employ over 64,000 individuals throughout their national network. The group has a longstanding reputation for excellence, and has been named the number one hospital in America by various awards boards. The company is also considered one the top 100 employers to work for in the United States.

"Mayo's brilliant reputation in the medical industry is known throughout the country," says Leduc, "And it's really great to see them having so much faith in the Jacksonville medical district. The Destination Medical Center in Southeast Jacksonville has attracted medical talent from all over the nation. We need facilities like these to encourage the best doctors, nurses, and EMTs to come to Jacksonville to further their careers."

Eric Leduc is a recently certified EMT in the Jacksonville area. He is originally from Montreal, Canada. Leduc was a semi-professional hockey player for five years before deciding to retire from the sport. His lifelong dream of becoming a professional athlete ended after enjoying many successful seasons in Canada's lower leagues. He then decided to follow his dream of working in healthcare by moving to the United States and undergoing EMT training. He was inspired to work in the Jacksonville medical district after enjoying his placement in the area during training.

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