Prince Joachim wouldn't have planned to marry again if his sons hadn't approved    2008-05-22 08:07:49    

Denmark's Prince Joachim says he wouldn't have planned to marry again if his young sons hadn't approved.
The prince is set to wed Marie Cavallier this Saturday (24.05.08) but says he wouldn't be going down the aisle again if his two sons from his previous marriage had objected.

Joachim said: "My two sons Nicolai and Felix mean the world to me. I will not let anything come in between us."

Prince Nicolai, seven, and five-year-old Felix are the prince's children with Hong Kong-born Countess Alexandra Manley.

Joachim revealed his "sensitive" sons took a while to get used to the new woman in their father's life, but he added to Denmark's TV2: "I have told them step by step about Marie. Fortunately Nicolai and Felix are happy with Marie and she is happy with them".

Countess Alexandra remarried last year, to Martin Jorgensen.

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