Prince Charles has called for support for British pig farmers    2008-05-15 07:20:08    

The royal urged consumers to buy products bearing the Quality Standard Mark, in a bid to help farmers through "an immensely difficult time".
The royal urged consumers to buy products bearing the Quality Standard Mark, in a bid to help farmers through "an immensely difficult time".

In a statement read at the Pig and Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, Charles said: "There is a growing awareness of the problem and those retailers who are raising their prices should be congratulated. However, little, if any, of the increase is being passed down the chain to the farmer and, unless urgent action is taken, this country's pig sector, which has never received subsidies, could be decimated.

"This would be a tragedy for this country, which produces some of the finest quality pigs and which operates according to the highest standards of husbandry and animal welfare."

The 59-year-old prince wants the public to buy sausages, ham and bacon with the Quality Standard Mark and to also look out for organic and free range pork products.

In 1992, Charles launched his own food company Duchy Originals with the aim of helping small farmers find a new market for their goods while offering consumers organic and high quality food.

The company - which is committed to the sustainable production of goods - now has over 200 different products, including food, drink, gardening tools and furniture.

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