Pak tele-towers along LoC alarms security agencies in Kashmir

By Khalid Jehangir,    2008-05-07 23:49:26    

Counter measures afoot, Army says Pakistan is a friendly country
Security agencies in Kashmir are mulling a revision in their strategy to counter militancy, especially in areas located near the Line of Control (LoC). Pakistan’s move to erect several signal towers for telecommunication closer to the LoC has prompted the thoughts for a revision in strategy.
Although there has been no official objection to the Pakistani move because the towers fall in the area under Pakistani control, a top intelligence official told that the erection of such towers will have “serious security implications” in J&K.
Security officials believe that with the onset of summer militants can use the signals emanating from such towers to their advantage. “Earlier the militants used to communicate through wireless talkies or satellite phone, but now it would become easier for them to communicate to their commanders based on the other side of LoC,” the officer added.
A top security official admitted that the use of signal from Pakistani towers by the militants active in Kashmir is “dangerous”. He believes that the usage of such signals by the militants will have adverse affect on the operations against the militants in the Valley.
Worried over the security implications of the Pakistani towers, security agencies here are mulling a series of corrective measures, which include the supply of latest communication gadgetry to the troops involved in counterinsurgency in J&K.
Intelligence sources said that the secret agencies have been provided with latest GSM interceptors, which would be used in selected areas. Apart from upgrading the communication equipment within the forces, the government is also contemplating a counter plan against the Pakistani decision of erecting towers along the LoC.
“The central government is looking at the possibilities of erecting some of its own towers in the area that falls under Indian control to overcome the new challenge more effectively,” the official disclosed.
When contacted PRO Defence, Colonel Anil Kumar Mathur said that the army and security forces were read to face any “eventuality.”
“Our men are keeping a tight vigil along the LoC. Its very difficult to plug all the routes of infiltration along the mountainous terrain and a couple of routes are still porous but we are ready to meet any challenge.”
However Col Mathur did not expressed any doubts about the Pakistani towers saying that the same “may be a government facility to address the communication needs of the local population.” He said, “Why would Pakistan have any ill will, it’s a friendly country. Why should they erect towers for the militants, they have their own problems.”

Khalid Jehangir, The Cheers News

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