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Do people tend to feed your food to the dog when you're not looking?

 article about Do people tend to feed your food to the dog when youre not looking?
2014-01-22 06:59:06

In other words, are you a really, I mean really bad when it comes to your kitchen and cooking skills? If you are, don't worry! You are not alone! Fourteen people with similar disability will be going against each other in the fifth season of Worst Cooks in America starting from February 17th.

All the contestants will be competing against each other under the watchful eye of their mentor, either superstar chef Bobby Flay or Anne Burrell, and try to win the grand prize of $25 000.

If you think you are bad in kitchen, maybe after watching the show you won't feel so awful any more. Especially considering that all the fourteen contestants have been chosen to the show based on the recommendations of their friends and family. For example, Benjamin "Benji" Hunter Brown III from Nashville, a thirty-year old bachelor, has tried to cook only twice in his life, both times ending with a disaster. Mike Glazer from Los Angels almost burnt down his mother's house when trying to cook. Casey Pentony from Los Angeles is a germaphobe who is terrified of fish(!), who doesn't make a difference between a cup and a tablespoon. She's a nurse, so she must be capable of learning, but...and then there's Muneerah Warner from Philadelphia who, because of his smoky-kitchen skills, has fire department on speed dial.

Do you still think you're THAT bad? Or did it make you feel just a bit better? Well, if not, see the show, maybe you too can learn something from it.

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Do people tend to feed your food to the dog when you

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