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Who the fark is Miley Cyrus?

 article about miley cyrus
2013-12-04 07:21:38
She's being talked about, she's being played in the radio, she's someone known by the whole of the younger public. So who is she really?

Miley Cyrus was bred for fame the moment she was born, being the daughter of famous Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus best known best for his hit "Achey Breaky Heart" yet has stayed semi-relevant in the world of Country Music for over twenty years. Miley herself first made her debut in the world of Entertainment when she joined Disney, cast in the starring role of Hannah Montana. The TV show centered around Miley playing a character living a double life, a teenager who was "regular by day, pop-star by night." The show was an instant sensation, airing from 2006 to 2013 and grossing an astronomical amount of success in both views and merchandise sales.

Some former Disney stars have managed to make a name for themselves post-show in either acting or in music, and yet others have faded into the background. Miley Cyrus in particular has made it a point to share with the public that she is no longer the sweet little 'Hannah Montana' by acting in what she seems to view as a more adult manner, but like any type of celebrity behavior it comes across differently to different people. The thing that Miley has seemed to grasp is that in the Entertainment business, attention is attention whether it is positive or negative. Every time she has an opportunity to stage a memorable performance she doesn't just step out of the box of expected proper behavior, she leaps as far away from it as possible, always trying out out-do herself with her intentful shock value.

Miley's two latest scandals involve getting into a "fight" with singer Sinead O'Connor via twitter and exploiting Sinead's mental problems, and taking a page from Britney Spears' past and copying it for her own benefit. Few positive things were said about Miley's choice to exploit Sinead's pleas for psychiatic help (which were originally posted via twitter by Sinead over two years ago) but that doesn't seem to bother Miley, attention was gained from the antic conveinently only a few days before her latest album "Bangerz" was to be released. Then, during the VMA's, Miley decided to further her love for 'twerking' (a psuedo-dance move that involves squatting and shaking your butt) by performing "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke in nothing but flesh-colored underwear and a bra. This created a giant media buzz and set the Internet on virtual fire. She had previously released a YouTube video of herself twerking in a Unicorn costume, but she had to out-do herself with her virtual nakedness which ended up being an inadvertent preview of her 'Wrecking Ball' music video for her latest single in which she is literally swinging naked on a wrecking-ball.

Every musician has to find a way to draw attention to themselves prior to releasing a new album in order to generate sales, but Cyrus has an even trickier hurdle to climb. Not only does she have to generate sales, but she has to state loud and clear that she has broken away from the tween image Disney had created for her in the box of Hannah Montana. As negatively as the media reacts to Miley's shocking antics, she is quite often a trending topic on twitter, the subject of tabloids, Youtube Entertainment reviewers, and more which gains her the attention she needs for her album to be a success. Is Miley Cyrus' behavior crazed, or an extremely intelligent marketing tactic? You decide.

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