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The odds at the bar don't change, or do they?

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2013-10-18 02:17:32

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." - Heraclitus

When you're at a bar with a bunch of your buddies, the truth is that the idea behind the quote doesn't necessarily have to apply. You can keep trying to do the same thing with the same girl over and over again and the result stays the same. The result being a scary look from the girl, the look that says - get away from me, you creep. Of course, there are exceptions, there's the matter of your approach - if you can step up your game fast, things can change and go in a different directions. And there's also the possibility of increased alcohol consumption. Couple of hours later, even your initial weak approach might work. However, that's the thing with bars, by the end of the day anything can happen there without anyone actually understanding how or why.

But when it comes to gambling, the odds stay the same independent of how many times you try. The game stays the same, the rules stay the same, the odds stay the same. So if you decide to go to a casino or gamble online, you always need to remember that. You can't hope for a girl getting drunk, you can't hope for the odds to change in your favor. Gambling is entertainment and so it should be, even if some people have managed to make a life out of it, these are exceptions not rules. Gambling for all others should be taken as entertainment like watching a movie, maybe just a bit different in terms of the adrenalin it creates. When gambling, always remember to use your GameSense. And when you're at the bar, well, remember, even there miracles don't happen every day.

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