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Want to experience excitement like never before?

 article about Want to experience excitement like never before?
2013-09-24 07:51:00
Las Vegas is the land of mystery. Theoretically a city in U.S. Practically something truly different. More than 38 million people visit Vegas every year to experience what the city has to offer. Of course, if you look at some other source, actually not 38 but 368 million people visited Vegas in 2011. Las Vegas really is the land of mystery. It's also a fact that it's the place where 17 of the biggest hotels in the U.S. are located.

So this city is definitely a place to go if you truly wanted to experience excitement like never before. And more specifically, you should probably choose MGM Grand as your main destination in Vegas - your hotel, your entertainment venue, your everything. Especially as MGM Grand is Las Vegas' Entertainment Authority. Why? You can learn more about it here -

You have probably heard about the world-class illusionist David Copperfield, the most commercially successful magician in history, a man who has also earned himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And he's one performer who you can also see in MGM Grand's intimate Hollywood Theatre.

Haven't ever been to a nationally televised championship boxing event? MGM Grand offers you that as well at the Grand Garden Arena where you can also experience concerts by the biggest names in music business as well as award shows.

It's time to go...MGM Grand is waiting!

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Want to experience excitement like never before?

Ollie Joe Prater, comedian who died 1991. This is a story about him, a saga with No Regrets. In what is now deemed the Golden Age of stand up comedy in LA, Ollie Joe found his way to the world famous Comedy Store.

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Want to experience excitement like never before?

On August 18th, 9pm ET/PT the fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race takes off. Eight three-people teams will start the longest challenge in the series history, as they will have to travel a route with a length of 4181 miles while competing against each other all the time. Each team will be given their own custom-made food truck that they will be using throughout the series. In the end, only one team will get to keep the truck and win $50 000 in cash as well as the fame that comes together with the victory.

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Want to experience excitement like never before?

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Want to experience excitement like never before?

To say a stand up comic's world is competitive is like saying a Lady Gaga concert is kinda noisy! On tour across our USA, a good stand up act is either the funniest guy in town this week, or the second funniest. Nobody cares who's third. Got it? Nobody cares! To exist and thrive on comedy tour, you have to necessarily be focused on mostly on yourself and your act! Do anything else, and a tour's rigors will eat you up! Maybe an argument there, a car wreck here, an arrest there. Lots of good comics have simply faded away, broken, and not funny anymore. But, things will happen.

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Want to experience excitement like never before?

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