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Join the cross-country culinary road trip for $50,000 cash prize

 article about The Great Food Truck Race
2012-07-19 10:02:41
Do you love food? Love cooking? And in addition to everything else, do you love to see people competing against each other in a high-stakes battle? And do you love to see it all in action without having to stand up from your comfy chair? If so, The Great Food Truck Race is something for you.

Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race returns for a third season with brand new twist. If during the first two seasons the competition was between current food truck operators, this is no longer the case. This time the battle for the great victory is between eight three-person teams who want to be in the food truck business. And as always, there can be only one winner.

The grand prize of the show is the food truck they've been using during the competition, and a $50 000 cash prize to help them in the start-up of their new food truck business.

The third season of the show takes off on Sunday, August 19th at 10pm ET/PT, and is seven episodes long. Each team is provided a food truck for their race that begins at a Long Beach, Calif. lighthouse and ends at the West Quoddy Lighthouse in Maine. The road will be full of different cuisines created by each team, varying road strategies and city-specific challenges.

The winner of the high-stakes battle will get to keep their food truck and also awarded $50,000 cash prize.

"Their culinary skills, business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit will be road-tested, and viewers will love seeing if the aspiring chefs' dreams hold up when the rubber meets the road," said Bob Tuschman, Food Network's General Manager and Senior Vice President.


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