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2012-07-17 09:17:39
It's that time of year again when everyone is getting ready to party at Nozstock festival nested in The Hidden Valley of Herefordshire this coming July! The festival is placed in a beautiful location around a ramshackle Tudor farmhouse, originally starting out as a small family-run event the festival is now in its 14th year. With the event having over six stages, and various secret wooded glades you feel you have stumbled across something truly secret. Having been the past couple of years I am extremely excited at the lineup that keeps getting better and better each year! With the likes of Dreadzone, The Proclaimers, Ruby and the Ribcage, The Stowaways and not to mention [drumroll] THE FUTUREHEADS it promises to be an amazing weekend. I couldn't miss the opportunity to interview the likes of post-punk superstars ‘The Futureheads' who made the soundtrack of my youth with ‘Hounds of Love', so stay tuned as Miss Foxy gets the gossip this coming July. For the majority of the summer festivals the band will be performing A Cappella & Acoustic sets at both Reading and Leeds festival HOWEVER Nozstock promises the crowd a full on electric set, in which the band will be plugging in those amps for a truly electrifying show. It doesn't get much better than that! They will be headlining this year's Nozstock on Saturday 28th July!

I can't wait to see the likes of Ross Millard, brothers Barry & Dave Hyde, and David Craig who all make up The Futureheads, their name originating from Flaming Lips album ‘Hit to Death in the Future Head'. Since their debut album back in 2003 the band are best known for tracks such as ‘Decent Days and Nights' ‘Meantime' ‘Skip to the End' ‘Beginning of the Twist' and of course Kate Bush hit ‘Hounds of Love'. The Futureheads recently released their 5th full length album, entitled ‘Rant' on 2 April 2012. However, fans will be somewhat surprised in the change of style; since the album is entirely a cappella [hence the acoustic sets at various festivals this summer]. But why go a cappella? According to the band "We just want you to hear us like this, because four-part harmony has been so important in the music we've made since day one". It is true that their catchy choruses firmly stamp who they are today, with everyone being able to pick up the lyrics of most Futurehead hits.

They couldn't have picked a better headliner for this year's festival, since this is one band who knows how to get a crowd up on their feet. If you are fans of the likes of such new wave, punk bands as Gang of Four, Devo, and Fugazi then you are in for a treat! You will also be able to hear some gems from current album ‘Rant in which the band cover such well known hits as Black Eyed Peas ‘Meet me halfway' ‘Acapella' by Kelis and Sparks ‘The No 1 song in Heaven'. The album was given a massive 8 out of 10 by NME so be prepared for one blinding show!

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