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2007-03-21 04:12:21

What kind of life is there for blacks among blacks when people are lost in a maze of deception?

This is the question I had to ask my self as I realized two young African American females preyed upon me as though I was not a human being.  How do women, who are supposed to be a mother-figures, come up with the ability to deceive a person who only meant well by them?  I learned exactly what they are.  They are a growing breed of predators who will do anything for money. 

I am sure if Martin Luther King was alive today, he would be seriously grieved of what black people, African American or whatever you want to call us have done with freedom.  We are our own enemy within.  Instead of coming up with a plan to survive as a race, we attempted to become just like our slave masters as we sacrificed our souls for the mighty dollar.  We, as a race of people, are not as wise as the foreigners invading our country today.  They stick together and, like ants, they build kingdoms right before our eyes.  But we would rather kill and steal from one another than to join together and build.  Even those who are supposed to represent God have used Christianity to enslave our minds while their pockets grow deeper everyday, just as our government does with our hard-earned money. 

I want you to know who these young women are and what they have in them that makes them human predators who destroy lives for money.  Read my story and know they have no remorse.  Their hearts are hardened for their priorities are engulfed in material gain.



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