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Why You Should Visit Our Stores

 article about Why You Should Visit Our Stores
2007-02-26 14:25:41

If you are willing to go out for shopping, but the old shelf-focused shopping, which drains your purchasing power does not interest you anymore and you want a change, may I, on behalf of the Kun-na-ni-niyo store, welcome you to the new experience of shopping!


Our Store's Specialty

Seeing Japan, we were struck with the idea of small islands. Our store is divided into small islands with different sections and customers have to swim to shop; from meat section to confectionary section, confectionary to electronic then to costume section and so on. The response was so good that, at times, we asked people to come back for shopping later on. We still have to find out why it is so popular that, even for a pack of cigarettes, our customers were willing to spend hours shopping. There is only a simple rule, wearing swim suits was compulsory.


Our Store's Core Competencies

·          The Wildlife Department declared a part our store as a protected area; some endangered species of rats (especially the red-coloured ones) are found only in our premises

·           Our store had lot of vegetation so we employed more gardeners in the store than sales staff to maintain the natural garden in the store

·          The new concept of online shopping.  When implemented, the customers had more pictures to trade online; luckily some of them were of vegetables.

·          Over 50,000 internships applications are received annually from postgraduate students in the field of science, they ventured here to discover rare bacteria and patent it after themselves

·          Recently our store was nicknamed "the smoke engine" by a newspaper; 80% of our sales came from cigarettes

·          All the cows in the store are ISO-999 certified and customers paid only money for the milk they were milking.


Why do people come to our store?
Children visited to practice what they saw in the "PlayStation games" with few murders often, not intended, but happening. Youngsters took a deviation from the pages of text books and loved to climb the trees with an aim to consider it as natural way living. Smart customers sold goods directly to shoppers without the knowledge of the store; they preferred to sell same goods at lower price than sold in the store.


The store never advertised promotions. It was strongly against our company's ethics, but there were lots of silent promotions going on.

* Once the customer care department replaced the golden egg a customer found on the egg tray, because the customer could not open it and he suggested putting holograms on eggs


*  A few customers gave back bulbs that they bought when they saw the bulbs were glowing


* A family refused to take our car driver home, when they won him in on a raffle draw.


* Tourist never ate hot dog from the store, they preferred to dislike biting the dog.


* New television set buyers were happy about price-buster offers, but did not like the french fries given as free for stomach entertainment. 


* An old man bought caviar eggs and decided to try them out on the sales girl; he later got himself arrested and charged with an attempted rape.


Our toys section has earned the goodwill of the children and the parents by conducting a lot of activities to encourage the inner talents of children especially in ice painting and face painting .Always, children are happy to say our stores name: Kun-na-ni-niyo, always they are singing.

Maa lala see na, Maa lala see la 
Kun-na-ni-niyo, Kun-na-ni-niyo.
Which means: "Mama said never talk to strangers in the Kun-na-ni-niyo store"


 Would you like to visit our store?
Always remember to take a swimsuit and to remember:

Maa lala see na, Maa lala see la 
Kun-na-ni-niyo, Kun-na-ni-niyo..

"Mama said never talk to strangers in the Kun-na-ni-niyo store."


Written by: SAJAN VARGHESE,  E-mail:


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Why You Should Visit Our Stores

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