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Soldier With A Backpack Living and Dying Simultaneously Is In High Demand

 article about The Cheers Contributing Writer Hits Top 100 List First Day!
2015-10-10 02:38:22
Congratulations to Linda D. Wattley of After the Storm Publishing (a division of Peace in the Storm Publishing) on debuting on the Amazon Best Sellers List in the Top 100 for her new book which released today "Soldier with a Backpack: Living and Dying Simultaneously!"

Author Linda Diane Wattley's new release, Soldier With a Backpack: Living and Dying Simultaneously is a must read that will start the conversation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder needed in our communities. Early childhood to adulthood and the life experiences in between, including and in particularly military service, can cause someone to suffer from PTSD and be what Author Wattley calls, "the love killer," in many families. Acknowledging it, addressing it and finding out what to do about it is a process and it is not for the weak at heart. Learning to trust yourself enough to build from the inside out is a must to get started. Family and friend support along with professional help makes all the difference. Surrounded by love and patience, all of these things will give our loved ones what they need to journey through PTSD and learn to live normal lives.

Soldier with a Backpack: Living and Dying Simultaneously will grant permission to start talking about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in ways necessary for our families, our communities and our government. Author Wattley intimately shares her life and experiences with PTSD, of her son and the process it has taken to delve into the effects it has, as well as her stance on the matter. Ultimately, love wins simply because it is the beginning of care, support and the patience needed at a time such as this.

When I received the news my book reached the top 100 List on Amazon I cried tears of joy because this tells me there is hope for mankind. The fact people took an interest in my book confirms we do want a better way to live and be; and people really want the truth that will set them free. To be given the opportunity to make a positive and life changing difference in the world feels exuberating. I am just so thankful to make this message available at such a time in the world where much alienation and hold back on loving one another is prominent. What my message offers is the opportunity to return back to self. I am talking about the self that can love and experience peace of mind without living in fear.

PTSD can be the catalyst to recapture love or shut it down. Stress and life's traumas reveal it is extremely important to get in touch with what is going on inside of us more so than what is going on outside of us. My message will take you in and bring you back out equipped to no longer feel controlled by victimization. You will own your backpack and walk with your head held high. Let this be the day you save yourself from a world seeking to devour you. One person at a time let us weave the invisible quilt of love and peace from within to without. We can win.

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