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Lefkoslut, attorney at LARGE

 article about Lefkoslut, attorney at LARGE
Mucus Lekoslut, attorney at LARGE, weighed over 300 pounds, but claimed to have lost 50 pounds in the last month.

He said he discovered a new, most effective means of losing weight.

When he sees road kill, he stops and consumes it after putting a little barbecue sauce and pepper on it.

He would then get diarrhea lasting 2 weeks, losing about 20 pounds.

He made a CD of his method called "Road Kill--the Key to Weight Loss."

Unfortunately, everyone who bought the CD got food poisoning filed an ass class action suit and Lekoshitz fled the country and is now living on a sheep ranch in Bengaladesh.

There, some Bengaladoosh citizens claimed to have seen Lefkoputz entering the sheep farm and entering a sheep.

He is charged with shtupping an underage sheep as well as a sheep cadaver.

In court, the judge puts down his pork chop and says:
"Mr. Lekfoschtup, jew have been charge with having carnival knowledge of a dead shit ...uh...sheep. How dost thou plea?"
"Not guilty your UnHolyness."
Judge: "OK, let me ask you this hyperthetical qwestion: Would you ever have sex with a sheep?"
"Under no cir cum stances your Hornyness!"
Judge: "You would never have sex with a sheep, adult or under age?"
Lefkodick: "Is he cute?"
Judge: "What?"
Lefkonerd: "I mean, is the sheep very know.....thick wool?"
Judge: "i need to research your response. Let's break for lunch."
Lefkosheiss: "Is there a cafeterial here."
Judge: "Yes, on the 2nd floor."
Lefkocuntphasia: "Do they have lamb chops with barbecue sauce?"

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