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The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low

 article about The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low
2017-03-20 04:38:56
Based on the latest Gallup poll the approval rating of President Trump has sank to 37%, that means the rating has gone down 8% compared to a week earlier when it stood at 45%.

The number of people who disapprove of his job as a President of the United States is 58%.

Former president Barack Obama's usual approval rating was in the low 50s, with the lowest being also 38% on August 2011, October 2011, and September 2014. The lowest for G.W. Bush was 25% in October 2008, Nixon's lowest was 24%, and Truman's 22%. The highest lowest approval rating ever was for Kennedy, at 56%.

The Gallup poll is conducted daily via phone interviews with 1500 people and is nationwide. It should have maximum of 3% error margin.

You can see the Gallup poll here.

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The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low

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The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low

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The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low

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The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low

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The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low

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