Angola: 96 dead from Marburg virus    2005-03-23 11:43:12    

Marburg virus has taken lives of 96 people in Angola. The symptoms of Marburg virus are high fever, heavy headache and vomiting. The virus is pretty much as deadly as Ebola virus and belongs to the same family. It is very rare type of hemorrhagic fever which infects both humans and other primates.

WHO's representative in Angola has declared the situation an epidemic.

The virus has been diagnosed in 107 cases, 96 of the people are already dead. The % could be lower. However in Uige, Angola there is lack of doctors, lack of nurses and resources.

Even though right now the virus is spreading just in Uige, it's possible that it is already spreading to other parts of the country as well.

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Angola: 96 dead from Marburg virus