Aussies love being in love    2007-12-03 13:03:01    

Sydney, Dec 3 : Australians love being in love, says a new survey of engaged couples.
Australians love being in love, says a new survey of engaged couples.

The survey, conducted by Sensis, quizzed 1624 would-be brides and grooms about how they met, how they fell in love and how they intend to be married.

The responses, which were given, indicated that Australians were the romantic lot with 65 per cent of the couples claiming to have fallen in love with each other at first sight.

When the question of proposing was raised, the survey found that Aussies were evenly divided between big gesture types, with 21 per cent of respondents popped the question while on a romantic holiday, and their mirror image homebodies, the 21 per cent of blokes who anticipated domestic bliss and proposed in-house, reports

Public proposal over a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant was chosen by 10 per cent of the men while 14 per cent of those surveyed answered that they'd proposed to their partners 'spontaneously'.

Another 38 per cent of the respondents reported meeting their future spouse through mutual acquaintances.

A chance meeting while out clubbing was the next most likely route to love with 13 per cent of couples reporting that they lost their hearts while in the club.

Five per cent met through family connections and, reflecting the increasing popularity of Internet dating, four per cent reported meeting online. (ANI)
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