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Melbourne, Dec.3 : A single Melbourne mum has claimed that she has been former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne's secret lover for two years.
A single Melbourne mum has claimed that she has been former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne's secret lover for two years.

According to the Herald Sun, Kerrie Lee told Woman's Day magazine that Warne bombarded her with texts and phone calls after meeting her at the Beach Hotel in Melbourne during the races in 2005.

Lee, 36, told the magazine that Warne approached her in the bar and told her, "Hi, my name's Shane and you're absolutely beautiful."

According to Lee's account, the pair swapped telephone numbers and arranged to meet at her house in the suburbs, where the single mother greeted him at the door in her underwear.

She claims that that evening was the beginning of an alleged two-year affair, which covered the same time period that Warne's marriage to Simone finally ended, and he retired from test cricket.

Lee says of their alleged initial meeting, "I thought he might be a bit of a player as he was still with Simone, but I liked him, so I said yes."

The single mum says that, for two years, the pair swapped daily texts - 200 of which she claims she still has on her phone - and weekly calls to catch up.

According to Lee, they would meet either at her home, or the Crown Hotel where, she says, the former cricket star kept a room.

"We've never had dinner in a restaurant. We've only been out together a few times, but Shane could never relax."

Lee described Warne as being "upfront" about his past and his relationship with her from the start. She said that he wanted to make his marriage with Simone work, and insisted that his relationship with her (Lee) remain private.

Apart from his wife, Lee says that Warne said there was no other woman in his life.

Lee says that when the Warnes finally split, she hoped her relationship with the star would become more serious.

"After all," she says. "He has to get a girlfriend eventually and he's had me for over two years. He trusted me and I'd been very loyal.

But, according to Lee, she decided to end the romance after realising that there was little chance of this happening.

Lee claims that Warne continues to seek her out for more restful interludes away from his life in the spotlight, but she has decided to move on, not without regret.

In her four-page interview with Woman's Day magazine, Lee reflected, "Shane needs someone to talk to, someone who's out of the media circus and someone he can trust." (ANI)
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