The transport divide

By Crystal Tein,    2008-03-31 06:52:45    

The transport divide reflects income divide within Singapore.
In the last eight years, many Singaporean yuppies have invested in trendy Jaguars as their favored mode of transport. Within these last three years, some have even got a step further by having fanciful pictures painted on them. The sighting of Mercedes Benz is also more common in Singapore, whether brand new or second-hand.

On the other end of the income spectrum, one can also spot an increasing number of people cycling to work. They are not just foreign construction workers as in the past. Some baby boomers in their 60s are using their bicycles as their mode of transport for collecting cardboard boxes and cans.

It appears that the trend of income division is set to continue along with the boom in the Singapore economy, inflation and rising cost of living.

Crystal Tein, The Cheers News

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