Makan all year round

By Crystal Tein,    2008-03-24 06:45:49    

Seasonal food popular with Singaporeans always readily available now.
Food which used to be seasonal is now available all year round. A case in point is the king of fruits. Hawkers hawking durians in Geylang used to charge exorbitant prices during durian season due to high demand. However, now with the green spiky fruit readily available all year round, prices have plunged.

Grapes and fish are two other significant case studies. Grapes of all varieties and even the high-grade ones in recent years are all being sold in Singapore. More fish are also being breed in captivity, including within Singapore and over-fishing in Asia-Pacific waters has also manifested in recent years.

The all-year trend for food appears to have crept in around 15 years ago, starting at approximately 1993.

Crystal Tein, The Cheers News

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