Some Singaporeans profiteering from foreign workers and CPF

By Crystal Tein,    2008-03-17 10:48:11    

Despite widespread grumbles about CPF and foreign workers, some Singaporeans are profiteering from both.
The oft-published refrain in the media is Singaporeans' grumbles about competition from foreign workers for jobs and Central Provident Funds (CPF) contributions.

Yet, scratch beneath the surface, and the dirt being dished out may leave one surprised. Says a female Singaporean, 26, "My uncle is the owner of an economical rice stall chain. He hires foreign workers. He does pay the foreign workers their wages but their CPF contributions goes into my CPF account."

This incident appears not to be isolated but rather widespread across Singapore. Although some grumbles about foreign workers and CPF are genuine, other Singaporeans appear to have more to gain than lose from it. A definite case of having your cake and eating it too.
Crystal Tein, The Cheers News

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