Pope John Paul II still popular

thecheers.org    2005-04-05 18:24:44    

Millions on pilgrims are lined up to see pope's body. It doesn't matter what nationality, it doesn't matter from what country they're from, it doesn't matter what race they are. They just want to see Pope John Paul II for the last time.

His body is in St. Peter's Basilica and he will be "burried" on Friday.

Prince Charles's wedding have been postponed and many other events have been postponed as well. Many did not agree with him, many people still don't, but most of them are still paying the last respect to him. Whether you're a believer in god, big bang or anything else, Pope still is and will be an important person for everyone.

But..who will the next pope be? We'll see this in two weeks.

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