Point Blank Range

thecheers.org    2005-04-22 09:42:40    

If you are unlucky enough to be sentenced to death by execution in Indonesia, the firing squad currently threatening Corby and the Bali Nine won’t be very effective or fast.  In fact, the time lapse between being shot and dying can be three to five minutes.

Furthermore, although the marksmen come from an elite paramilitary brigade, they must choose from a range of weapons of which only two are loaded with live ammunition. Not to mention the fact that you will stand with a hood over your head, handcuffed to a pole with an apron tied around your neck bearing a red target over your heart. Alternatively, if you prefer to be bare-chested, with a red target taped to your chest.  Shooting the condemned through the head is discouraged, apparently, because although quicker, it makes too much mess. 

The current attorney-general, however, would prefer to change the death penalty from firing squad to lethal injection.

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