BUSINESS MONTH: How do they do it THEME

A love story in four wheels
I consider vehicles as some of the greatest inventions of mankind. Cars, planes, boats and ultimately space ships help the economy and got us where we are today (not just litteraly). So why cars? Not every one of us can be an astronaut, but almost every person on the planet rubbed their behinds with a car seat. read on

The Theater of God
Let's watch the greatest show on earth (if we can afford it).read on

Something New is Waiting to be Born
What came first - America's obsession with sex or Madison Avenues obsession with money?read on

Leo Getz Was Right!!!
If there is one piece of advice some of today’s most successful companies have to offer it is this, “Screw over your customers ruthlessly while shamelessly profiting from it.” In a shaky economy with customer spending at an all time low, it is important for any successful company to not just provide a sub-par product but also to suck the life force out of each and every customer. This is a “Dog Eat Dog World” and we are all left feeling hunger pangs, but then maybe that is because we keep returning to the drive on

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