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The extramarital dating scene

 article about The extramarital dating scene
2018-08-28 08:53:01
The modern dating scene is full of diverse and wonderful niches. From contemporary long-term partner-searching to the more casual one night stands; there is no shortage of choice for our fellow enthusiastic daters. It is great to know that even if our approach to dating is a bit unconventional, we can still find like-minded partners out there which are looking for the same thing we are. However, one of the more recently emerging online dating trends has been met with a degree of shock and controversy: the extramarital dating scene.

A very niche scene

As we search online, we find more websites which specialise into people looking for love or fun outside of their existing relationships. Effectively, the extramarital dating scene is populated with people who are looking at cheating on their existing partner. They will try their luck with married dating sites looking for other unhappily married people who, like them, are looking at having a quick and no-strings-attached affair. This kind of practice is obviously frowned upon in a society where marriage is such a valued institution but it is not an uncommon happening.

A not so rare occurrence

The concept of cheating is a morally corrupt one, but it would be hypocritical to say that it all comes as a surprise. After all, men and women have a history of cheating on each other. A lot of the books we read, the movies and TV shows we watch often use extramarital affairs as pivotal points to their story. Cheating is an act which has been promoted and sold to us for many years by celebrities, and this is probably the reason why it is a concept which is at the back of a lot of people's minds. Adding to this the common preconception that it is in our nature to try to reproduce with as partners as we can; making extramarital affairs not such an alien concept after all.

Is it really that bad?

The truth is everyone lives through their own situations, and who is to judge what someone else does? The best thing to hope is that whatever people do, they do not act out of wanting to cause harm to others. Cheating on someone means having to lie to that person, and lying is generally not a good thing. However, is there such thing as people having affairs and it making their day-to-day family life better, without anyone else being the wiser? Probably so, in fact it is best not to underestimate the amount of secrets people keep from each other as those can also be part of making our day-to-day routine better and more liveable. The press does seem to show articles of celebrities saying “How cheating made our couple stronger”. Those are most likely false but who knows? You can never quite appreciate a situation unless you live it yourself but this doesn't mean that you should go out of your way to cheat; especially if there is nothing wrong with your current relationship.

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The extramarital dating scene

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