Woman sends lifeguards on 'booby hunt'

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Wellington, Jan 10 : A woman sent the lifeguards at an Australian beach on a booby hunt, after she lost her silicon breast.
A woman sent the lifeguards at an Australian beach on a booby hunt, after she lost her silicon breast.

Carol Davis, who moved to Australia last year, had been enjoying a laidback holiday catching up with her family before losing her prosthetic breast while swimming at Oreti Beach on Jan 6.

"I went for my big swim (came back in), got my towel and thought 'Oh my God ... I've lost something'," Stuff.co.nz quoted her, as saying.

Ashamed at her loss, she built up the courage and approached lifeguards, asking them not to laugh, and told them about her loss.

She said a row of lifeguards was combing the beach looking for it.

"When I saw the lifeguards looking for it, I got the giggles," she said.

"The grandkids and all the rest of us went on a booby hunt," she said laughingly.

Davis said that she resigned herself to having to buy a 400 dollars replacement.

However, the next day, she popped into the Cancer Society rooms, where staff said the missing breast had been found lying in the sand at the beach. (ANI)
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